DATE: Wednesday, May 22nd
TIME: 12pm PDT


3 Market Forces Impacting Multifamily Real Estate Investments—And How You Can Take Advantage.

Your Moment: How You Can Capitalize on the Upcoming Real Estate Market Shift.


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During our online fireside chat, you’ll discover:

  • How much further apartment values will fall—and what it means for you as an investor
  • How you can take advantage of this small window of opportunity—how long we think it will last…
  • What the media gets wrong about demand, and why it’s dangerous for you to believe…
  • The 3 market forces in apartment investing you need to be aware of—so you choose the right deals that help, not harm, your portfolio.


Hosted by Pilot Capital, with speakers…

Jason Kono

Co-Founder and Principal of Pilot Capital

Jason started in the commercial real estate industry in 2004 as a multifamily broker, and in 2008 he expanded into syndication and management of multifamily properties.

His experience in brokerage spans hundreds of transactions and over $1 billion of acquisitions and dispositions of apartment complexes, including many successful and complex 1031 exchanges.

As Principal of Pilot Capital, he’s dedicated giving people access to real estate opportunities—by investing alongside professionals with skin the in game—so they can fortify their legacy.

Jake Niles

Partner & Director of Acquisitions of Pilot Capital

Jake has spent over a decade in the commercial real estate industry specializing in  multifamily properties. Throughout his career, he has acquired properties with a combined value of more than $700 million and analyzed over $4.5 billion in multifamily investments.

At Pilot Capital, he oversees the firm’s acquisition efforts focused on high growth markets in the Western United States.

Jake is responsible for locating, negotiating to acquire, underwriting, and completing due diligence for each of the company’s real estate acquisitions in Pilot’s target markets.

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